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A. Gkillas, Kosmopoulos, D., Constantinopoulos, C., Ampeliotis, D., and Berberidis, K., A Method for Recovering Near Infrared Information from RGB Measurements with Application in Precision Agriculture, European Signal Processing Conference. IEEE, pp. 616-620, 2021.PDF icon Eusipco2021.pdf (1.66 MB)
N. Poulopoulos, Psarakis, E. Z., and Kosmopoulos, D., PupilTAN: A Few-Shot Adversarial Pupil Localizer, Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops, GAZE 2021: Gaze Estimation and Prediction in the Wild . BEST PAPER AWARD, pp. 3134-3142, 2021.PDF icon CVPRW2021.pdf (1.84 MB)
K. Blekos and Kosmopoulos, D., A Quantum 3D Convolutional Neural Network with Application in Video Classification, International Symposium on Visual Computing, LNCS 13017 vol. pp. 601-612, 2021.PDF icon Q3DCNN-isvc2021.pdf (384.73 KB)
A. Voskou, Panousis, K., Kosmopoulos, D., Metaxas, D., and Chatzis, S., Stochastic Transformer Networks with Linear Competing Units: Application to end-to-end SL Translation, Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision. pp. 11946-11955, 2021.PDF icon ICCV_2021.pdf (690.84 KB)
K. Papavasileiou, Owens, G., and Kosmopoulos, D., A Dataset of Mycenaean Linear B Sequences, Language Resources and Evaluation Conference - LREC. pp. 2552-2561, 2020.PDF icon LREC2020.pdf (1.09 MB)
D. Kosmopoulos, Oikonomidis, I., Konstantinopoulos, K., Arvanitis, N., Antzakas, K., Bifis, A., Lydakis, G., Roussos, A., and Argyros, A., Towards a visual Sign Language dataset for home care services, 15th IEEE International Conference on Face and Gesture Recognition, vol. 1. pp. 622-626, 2020.PDF icon FG2020.pdf (287.44 KB)
H. Partaourides, Voskou, A., Kosmopoulos, D., Chatzis, S., and Metaxas, D. N., Variational Bayesian Sequence-to-Sequence Networks for Memory-Efficient Sign Language Translation, International Symposium on Visual Computing. Springer International Publishing, Cham, pp. 251-262, 2020.
N. Arvanitis, Constantinopoulos, C., and Kosmopoulos, D., Translation of Sign Language Glosses to Text Using Sequence-to-Sequence Attention Models, The 15th International Conference on Signal Image Technology & Internet based Systems - SITIS. 2019.PDF icon sitis2019.pdf (240.54 KB)